Chapter Seven

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NICKLES LUS PESCH born 04-16-1862 Fredonia, Ozaukee, Wisconsin.

Nickles Lus  “Nick” is the seventh child of John B. and Mary Pesch. In trying to find records on Nickles Lus we found his name spelled in various ways, Nic, Nicholas, are the most common, as you will see from the records we have included in this book.


After John B. deserted his family Nickles lus and his brother Frank were place in a Catholic Orphans Asylum, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nick remained there until he was about fifteen years of age and was then “farmed out” to a farmer by the name of John Brown. He worked on the farm for three years. At the age of eighteen his mother, Mary Pesch, petitioned the County to commit Nick to an institute for the insane. He was admitted April 23, 1880 to the Northern Hospital for the Insane, Winnebago, Wisconsin. Nick eloped (ran away) June 29, 1884. The only record after that date is listed in his brother Peter’s, obituary, indicating that he was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1928. We are still looking for some record.














FRANKLIN PESCH born 1864 Fredonia, Ozaukee, Wisconsin.

Franklin “Frank” is the eighth child of John B. and Mary Pesch. We found Frank list in the 1880 census of Moultrie County, Illinois records located in the Shelby County Historical Society in Shelby, Illinois. The census indicated that Frank was seventeen at that time and born in Wisconsin and was a brother of Peter Pesch, the head of that household.


I have been told some of the family members that Frank was placed in the Catholic Orphanage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the same time Nick was. So far I was unable to establish the Orphanage or any of its records. Still working on it though.


Very little is known about Frank. Fred, his nephew and my father, told a few things about him, also Lula Pesch Shipman has heard some of the same and a little more. Frank was a professional HOBO. He would come into Peter’s and stay until he could get a little money and tobacco, then catch the next freight out. They never knew when he was coming in or when he was going to leave. One story told is, that one night the kids were playing “kick the can” and he wanted to play with them. He started running across the yard and not knowing where everything in the yard was located; he ran into the clothesline and almost broke his neck.


This is the uncle that Frank Nelson, Peter’s oldest son, did not want people to confuse his name with, so he would introduce himself as Nelson Pesch, leaving off his first name of Frank. I take from this that Peter’s children didn’t think of him too highly.


Of all the other Pesch families that I have been in contact with, none have ever mentioned a “Frank Pesch”. We are also still looking for him or some more records.



THERESA PESCH born 1865 Fredonia, Ozaukee, Wisconsin, died 12-25-1939, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, buried Cavalry Cemetery, lot 4A, row 70, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Theresa is the ninth child of John and Maria Pesch.  Very little is known about Theresa and what we do know is what has been found in the census, City directories, grave marker and "Aunt Mary" (who was 102 years old on 09-11-2002, when this information was received). Theresa never married. She lived in Milwaukee at 391 Brady Street (1889) and 353 Brady Street (1890, (city directory). She was a dressmaker. Her mother, Maria, was living with her at the time of her death in 1890.  In later years, according to Aunt Mary, Theresa, was unable to make a living and was “on the County” (our present day welfare) but said Theresa did not get enough money to live on and would come to her mothers house and eat, then she would take off all her clothes and weigh.   We then asked if she was related to Theresa, her answer was in the tone of how stupid your are) she was my cousin.  We found the dates of her birth and death on the grave marker.  


As we look back over the time spent gathering this information all together, I must tell you that it has been more rewarding than bothersome.  I have met so many wonderful people that I never dreamed ever existed.  If you had not cooperated and sent information about those you know, came to the reunions and shared your thoughts and stories, this would not have been completed.  I know you have found surprises, maybe some doubts, disappointments and definitely several mistakes (spelling, dates etc) but I also hope this helps you to know more about your Pesch Family and that we all started from the John Baptiste and Mary Gabrian/Gebergen/Gubriyun union at Fredonia, Ozaukee, Wisconsin. Let’s all try and stay in touch with each other. Again thank you all very much.