Chapter Five

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FRED PESCH born 09-30-1892 Bethany, Moultrie, Illinois, died 12-04-1962 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, married 06-06-1922 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana to

EVA HAMILTON born 07-13-1903 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, died 07-20-1997 Oak Village Nursing Home, Oaktown, Knox, Indiana, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana. Father: James Melvin Hamilton, Mother Laura Belle Coleman.

Fred is the seventh child of Peter and Paulina Pesch.

Fred was born and raised on a farm just outside of Bethany, Illinois. He was called “Red” because of his red hair. When he was about thirteen he left home to make his own way. He worked for neighbors around Bethany and later made his way to Indiana to work for his brother in law, Fred Lambright. He eventually went to Iowa.


He was around Fort Dodge, Iowa, when WW I began. It was there that he enlisted into the army. He was sent to Camp Cody, New Mexico for his basic training. It was while there that he and some other men were teasing the mules and one of them kicked him in the mouth breaking his two front teeth. He had them capped with gold.


Fred went to France just before the war ended and was assigned to Company “C” 114th Machine Gun Battalion. His unit was loaded in 40 & 8 boxcars (that is 40 men or 8 mule capacity), and on their way to the front when the Armistice came. He never saw combat but was gassed once. This had serious effect on his health in later years.


After the War he worked around Bethany for a while and then returned to Carlisle, Indiana to work for Fred Lambright again, as a carpenter. Red also worked in road construction and became a partner in the Adams, Wolf and Pesch Construction Company. They built bridges and County roads in Greene, Vigo, Knox and Sullivan counties, Indiana and in Lincoln and Crawford Counties, Illinois. 


It was during this time that he met and married Eva Hamilton. Eva did most of the cooking for the road hands for several years. Some times the kitchen was in a tent in the yard of where they lived. At that time the trucks were Model “T” Fords or horse and wagon. Grading equipment was horse drawn.


In 1927 Fred and Eva bought a farm and a few years later Fred quit the construction and became a full time farmer. He was a dairyman and truck farmer. He grew watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes and sweet corn. His milking herd stayed at 20 milk cows, all milked by hand. He also had hogs and chickens. All machinery was horse drawn. He bought his first tractor in 1940, a Fordson.


He didn’t have much money, not with six children to care for, but we always had plenty of food, new clothes at the beginning of school and a warm place to live. As we kids got older if we could get a way to get into town we would get enough money to see a movie and get popcorn. A lot more than some of the other kids we grew up with in our community.


Red was known for his honesty and dependability. He was always willing to help any who needed it. He would let people have a cow to milk, so they would have milk for their family. He would let some keep the extra automobile as long as they needed it. He would share the meat at butchering time. When his sweet corn was ready for market he would not sell any until all the neighbors had a “mess of corn”.


His opinions were highly respected in the community. Though he was asked several times to seek public office in the County he would always decline with some of his “words of wisdom”. Like, if a politician isn’t a crook before he goes into office, he will be before he gets out and I’m not a crook now and don’t intend to become one.


Red had a few other philosophy sayings that still make sense today. When he was having a discussion with some one and didn’t agree with them, he would always say, “I’m just like you, only different”. When asked why he had changed his mind about something, it was “a wise man will change his mind but a fool never does”. When you questioned him about some decision he had made he would tell you “I might not always be right, but I’m never known to be wrong”. One he used in business deals was “figures won’t lie but liars will figure”.  These are just a few but it seems that he always had an answer that you really could not argue with.


In the days of his youth, Red loved to ice skate in the wintertime. There was a creek just behind the house that would freeze over and he could spend his whole day on it.  He has told many time of the day while skating he caught the toe of one of his skates under a piece of barbed wire that had frozen in the ice and fell. He didn’t know how long he lay there but when he woke up it was dark and he heard his sister, Golda calling for him. Nothing was broken but he said he sure had a headache.


After suffering for several years with Pulmonary Emphysemas, which was aggravated from being gassed in WW I, Fred died at his home near Carlisle, Indiana, of  Terminal Cardiac Failure. He was buried with military honors. His four sons were all serving in the military at the time, one in California, one in France, and two in Germany, were able to come home at this time.


In 1987 Eva Hamilton Pesch decided that she would write an account of her life and send a copy to each of her children, that they might have a record of part of history of the community in which they grew up. Many of the homes, farms, school buildings and community names are gone now.


I was born two miles south of Carlisle, Indiana, on July 13, 1903. We lived on what was known as the C.T. Atkins farm. My parents are James Melvin Hamilton and Laura Belle Coleman Hamilton. I grew up with two brothers and three sisters, King, Wayne, India Hamilton Meeks, Jessie Hamilton Kaiser and Bessie Hamilton Miller.


The first thing I remember is Dad leaving me in the buggy alone while he led the horse through the gate and closing it. The next was some cousins catching some birds in a shed. I was told they were guineas. We moved from there to a farm north of Carlisle and all I remember there, is a girl named Rose and a big turkey gobbler with a big tail.


We next moved to the Bond farm, south of Carlisle. There were two houses on the farm and we lived in both before leaving there, moving to the Harriet Brown farm. I had started school by this time at the Cocklebur School. The community where we lived was called “Browns Ridge”. There were several neighbor kids close enough to run in and out and to play with. We played jump rope, hide and seek, dare base, kick the can, and town ball. In the winter when it snowed we played fox and goose.


In March of 1913 we had a flood and it covered the whole river bottoms except seven acres where the houses and barns stood.  Seventeen people came out of the flood and stayed there. The men slept in the barns and the women and children slept in the houses.


We moved in the fall to the Lafe Boone farm. There was a cement tile factory on the farm and Dad worked there as well as helping with the farm work. I entered school at the Shepard School in “Shaker Prairie Community”. There were only a few kids close enough to try to get any games going. We lived there two years.


We moved to the Peyton Tucker house. The community was known as “Tucker Town”. I went to the Climax School for one year. When school was out that year we moved to what is now known as the Squires place. It is in the same community where I first stared to school, the Cocklebur School. As their school had one month left in their term, I entered there to pass the time.


Our next move was to the George Walters farm. It was still in the Cocklebur School area, so I started my last year of school in the same school that I started my first year. I liked a few days finishing the term because on March 2, 1918 a cyclone struck the community and everything was destroyed except one old house. Only two people were hurt and no one killed. Our family went to live with sister, India until we could collect enough furniture to start over. We also live with Fred and Goldia Lambright in a tent for a while, waiting for the houses to be rebuilt.


In the fall of that year Fred Lambright set up a sorghum mill. Dad, Mom and I worked there. I ran the cane through the mill to get the juice for cooking. We moved a couple timed to the Leacy Cox place and George Unger farm before moving back to the Peyton Tucker place in “Tucker Town”. That first winter was bad. The neighborhood boys ice-skated down the gravel roads all the way to Carlisle.


It was while living there that I met Fred Pesch. He is the brother of Goldia Lambright. We married June 6, 1922. I made my wedding dress. He was working construction, building gravel roads and bridges. We started keeping house in a two-room house near Cass, Indiana. When the job was done we moved to the Robinson farm, south of Carlisle, James Adams owned it. From there we moved across the field to a house that known as Skinner Hill.


After four years we bought a part of the Benton Wolf farm and move in on September 30, 1927. We had a lot of company to greet us. Fleas and rats were abundant.


When Fred started farming we raised wheat, corn, oats, melons, sweet corn and alfalfa. After a few years we set a peach orchard but after a few years later it winterkilled. We also milked 22 cows, by hand twice a day. We had mules to start farming with but in later years we bought a tractor.


Our house burned June 27, 1954. We lost everything. We lived in a house owned by Bill and Alene Adams until we could rebuild. We moved into it in September, 1954.


As our boys reached enlistment age they joined the military services, two Army and two Air Force. All four retired with good ranks.


Fred died December 4, 1982. I have stayed at the home place. My mother was with me for a few years until her death April 27, 1971. I’ve got good neighbors; I’m close enough to town and church that I can drive unless it is snow and ice. Company is always welcome.


Note:  In August 1991, Eva left the farm to live with her daughter, Peggy Willoughby in Kentucky. In 1992 she returned to Indiana and lived with her other daughter, June Frederick until she decided to enter the Oak Village Nursing Home, Oaktown, Indiana, where she remained until her death July 20, 1997 at the age of ninety-four years and seven days. She is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle by the side of her husband, Fred Pesch.


Fred and Eva had seven children, Forrest, Beulah, June, Peggy, Lester, Robert and Harold.

















FORREST DWIGHT PESCH born 02-05-1923 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, died 11-09-2009 , buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Great Falls, Chester, South Carolina, married 04-12-1941 Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina   to

EMILY LEE HUNTER born 07-10-1924 Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina, died 08-28-2008, buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Great Falls, Chester, South Carolina.  Father: Jady Clifton Hunter,  Mother:  Eva Irene Beckham.

Forrest is the first child of Fred and Eva Pesch. He is known better as “Bud” by the people in that area than by Forrest. After the grandchildren came he and Emily were known by most as Opa And Oma.


Forrest grew up around Carlisle. He entered the Army in 1940 and retired in 1966. After WW II he was employed by the US Postal Service for three years before re-enlisting into the Army 1948. He saw service in the European Theater in WW II,( North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Southern France and Germany). He was assigned to the Korean Military Advisory Group in the Korean Conflict and retires in 1966 about a year after the Vietnam War started. After retiring from the military he was employed at Clark Controller Division of GTE, Lancaster South Carolina from which he retired in 1982. 


Forrest and Emily lived on a farm near Richburg, South Carolina after his retirement from the Military. Being of Baptist faith he and Emily were very active in the Baptist Churches in Great Falls and Richburg areas. They both have served on various committees in their Church, Association and State Convention. They helped start a new Baptist Church in Richburg, South Carolina. They have two children, Forrest (Butch) and Eve.





FORREST CLIFTON PESCH born 06-22-1942 Great Falls, South Carolina, married 02-18-1961 Idalou, Lubbock, Texas  to

GARY NAN LAUGHLIN born 01-16-1941 Brownwood, Brown, Texas,  Father: Lloyd Laughlin,  Mother: Geraldine Burnett.

Forrest is the first child of Forrest and Emily Pesch. He was given the nickname “Butch” early in his life and it has stuck with him ever since. Even after he started preaching his congregation calls him “Bro. Butch”. Gary uses her middle name “Nan”.


He surrendered his life to the ministry at the age of 13, and prepared himself for the calling by attending Hardin Simmons University, Abilene, Texas and the South Western Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. Bro. Butch has pastored churches in California and Texas.


After several years of serving large churches he and Nan opened an antique store in Goldthwaite, Texas. He did not give up his preaching, he went to smaller churches. At this writing he is the Pastor of the Priddy Baptist church, Priddy, Texas. Nan is the pianist at the church. They have three children, Keri, Sheri and Joel.




KERI NAN PESCH born 11-30-1963 Abilene, Taylor, Texas, Married 07-21-1984, Abilene, Taylor, Texas  to

STEWART DEWAYNE FARRELL born 10-06-1961 Dallas, Dallas, Texas,  Father:  Robert Farrell,  Mother: Serena Lemon.

Keri is the first child of Butch and Nan Pesch. She is a graduate of Hardin Simmons University, Abilene, Texas and is employed as a social Worker. Stewart is a minister and a graduate of Hardin Simmons University, Abilene, Texas and the South Western Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. They are of the Baptist faith and have three children, Nathaniel, Micah and Rachel.


NATHANIEL DEWAYNE FARRELL born 05-23-1988 Abilene, Taylor, Texas.

MICAH JAMES FARRELL born 06-10-1991 Waco, McLennan, Texas.

RACHEL BETH FARRELL born 05-24-1995 Abilene, Taylor, Texas.


SHERI LYNN PESCH  born 09-03-1965 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, married 08-22-1987 Abilene, Taylor, Texas  to

DOUGLAS LAGUIN BONSAL born 01-18-1965 Dumas, Moore, Texas,  Father:  Robert Bonsal,  Mother: Loretta Petterman.

Sheri is the second child of Butch and Nan Pesch. She graduated from Hardin Simmons University and is high school teacher. Douglas also graduated from Hardin Simmons University and is a high school football Coach,  Sheri and Douglas are of the Baptist faith and have two children, Caleb and Kennedy.





CALEB DOUGLAS BONSAL born 12-16-1999 Kingwood, San Jacinto, Texas.


KENNEDY RHEA BONSAL born 02-12-2002 Texaas

JOEL SCOTT PESCH born 08-12-1968 Albany, Shackelford, Texas, married 08-18-2007, Priddy, Mills, Texas to


Joel is the third child of Butch and Nan Pesch. He is a self employed electrician and a breeds and shows  “pit bull” dogs. Joel is of the Baptist faith.  They have one child, Weston.

WESTON DWIGHT PESCH, born 09-07-2007, Georgetown, Williamson, Texas



Forrest, Joel, Butch and Weston             Sara, Forrest, Joel, Butch, Emily, Weston

pictures 9-31-2007 by Nan Pesch, at Goldthwaite TX

EVE MARIA PESCH born 12-01-1946 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana,  married (1) 12-22-1964 Lawrence, Marion, Indiana, divorced 1974  (2) 09-05-1977 York, York, South Carolina   to

WILLIAM DOUGLAS McMURRAY, Sr. born 06-21-1946 Great Falls, Chester, South Carolina, died 01-19-1983 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, buried Decatur, Limestone, Alabama.  Father John McMurray,  Mother: Minnie Wren Blackman.

MILTON GERALD WILLIAMS born 02-16-1947 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina,  Father: Nathaniel B. Williams,  Mother: Betty Garrison.

Eve is the second child of Forrest and Emily Pesch. Eve is a graduate of the St. Francis Hospital as an X-ray Technician. Eve left  that profession after a short period of time and started working in the insurance profession. She is now an insurance underwriter for the Kanawa Insurance Company, Lancaster, South Carolina. She is a Past Matron of the Eastern Star Chapter in Richburg, South Carolina. Douglas worked his way up to be a Vice President of a Corrugated Box company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eve’s second husband Milton “Jerry” is a cabinetmaker and owns and operates a cabinet shop. Eve and Douglas have two children, LeAnn and William Douglas, Jr.  She and Jerry are of the Baptist faith and adopted one child, John.




LeANN McMURRAY born 10-16-1967 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana,  married (1) 06-02-1990 Great Falls, Chester, South Carolina, divorced 01-31-1994, (2) 02-01-1994 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina, divorced 1997, (3) 07-31-1999 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina  to


RICHARD DARREN ORR born 08-30-1966 Monks Corner, Berkley, South Carolina,  Father:  Paul Edward Orr,  Mother:  Sudie Louise Rateree.

JACK GAMBLE born 07-19-1962 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina,  Father:

John B Gamble,  Mother: Crystal Hough

Leann is the first child of Eve and Douglas McMurray. She graduated from Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Employed at the Kanawha Insurance Company.  She and John have no children. Richard is a welder. Jack is a factory worker. Leann is of the Baptist faith. She and Richard have one child, L’Amanda and she and Jack have one child, Katrina.




L’AMANDA MARIE GAMBLE, born 04-11-1994 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina.

KATRINIA RENEA GAMBLE born 07-07-2000 Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina


WILLIAM DOUGLAS McMURRAY, Jr. born 01-31-1970 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, married 04-24-2007, Goldwaithe, Mills, Texas to

CYNTHIA LEIGH NEWTON, born 10-10-1956, Rock Hill, York, South Carolina.  Father:  Harvey Parks Newton  Mother:  Ola Isom

William “Douglas” is the second child of Eve and Douglas McMurray.  This young man has the ability to master anything he sets out to do. He has his pilot licenses, General Contractor's License, is a locksmith, electronic whiz, graduate of the South Carolina Police Academy, and attended college at the University of South Carolina. He is a Sergeant with the Chester County Sheriff's Office, Chester County, South Carolina and worked as an Assistant Manager of a construction company. Douglas is of the Baptist faith.  Cynde is a Dispatcher with Chester County 911.  Cynde is of the Church of God faith.  They have no children. Cynde is divorced from Robert Johnson and they had two children, Jade (Johnson) Flores and Devin Johnson. 

Victoria Jade Johnson born 05-20-1983 Chester, Chester South Carolina, Married 02-20-2004 Chester, Chester, South Carolina to

David Contreras Flores born 10-29-1978 Cordoba,Vera Cruz, Mexico  Father:  Francisco Flores Rosas  Mother:  Reyna Silvirio Contreras

Jade is the daughter of Cynde by a previous marriage, Jade is of the Church of God faith. David is of the Catholic faith.  She and David have two children, Reina and Melecio.

Reina Alexia (Lexi) Flores born 11-09-2003 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina

Melecio Gray Flores born 11-04-2006 Rock Hill, York, South Carolina

DEVIN PARKS JOHNSON born 07-11-88, Sumter, Sumter, South Carolina. Devin joined the Army National Guard in 2006.  He recently completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and ATI at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He is of the Church of God faith.

JOHN TIMOTHY KING-WILLIAMS born 03-31-1982 Chester, Chester, South Carolina died 09-14-2008 , buried Grandview Memorial Park, Rock Hill, York, South Carolina.

John “Timmy” is the adopted so of Eve and Jerry Williams. His birth mother is Betty King.


BEULAH IONE PESCH born 04-04-1924 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, died 09-24-1924, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana.


JUNE LEE PESCH born 02-02-1927 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, married 06-29-1945 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana  to

ROBERT BURTON FREDERICK born 04-20-1925 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, died 08-28-2007 Merom Station, Sullivan, Indiana, buried 09-01-2007 Oddfellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana.

Father:  Raymond Andrew Frederick,  Mother:  Naomi Pearl Russell

June is the third child of Fred and Eva Pesch. June was a factory worker and “Bob” a heavy equipment operator. Bob served in the US Army in WW II. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by riding a motorcycle to Alaska and back. They have two children, Robert and Michael. 




ROBERT TOMMY FREDERICK born 08-21-1946 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, married 03-28-1968 Lawrenceville, Lawrence, Illinois to

CAROLYN SUE RIGNEY born 03-25-1946 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana,  Father: Claude Rigney,  Mother:  Anna Loudermilk

Robert “Tommy” is the first child of June and Robert Frederick. Tommy does heavy equipment and construction work and Carolyn is an office worker. They moved from Indiana to Texas. Tommy served in the US Army. They have two children, Tommie and Sue.




TOMMIE LEE FREDERICK  born 04-06-1969 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, married 03-00-1992, divorced (2)  2004 to

KYUNG HUI KIM born 06-21-1971, Seoul, South Korea,  Father: Jae Yop Kim,  Mother:  Ip Pun Pak.


Tommie is the first child of Tommy and Carolyn Frederick. Tommie served in the US Army. He was discharged in Korea and has a computer business in Seoul. He and Kyung have no children.


SUE ANN FREDERICK born 04-09-1971 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana.

Sue is the second child of Tommy and Carolyn Frederick. She is not married and collects clowns.


MICHAEL GENE FREDERICK born 10-26-1947 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, died 08-12-2001 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, buried 08-17-2001 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, married 11-10-1973 Farmersburg, Sullivan, Indiana  to

DIANE CRICK SCHMIDT born 03-26-1947 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana,  Father: Effus Crick,  Mother Lena Ogletree.

Michael “Mike” is the second child of June and Robert Frederick. He is a heavy equipment operator and has a leadership position in the labor union. He served in the US Army. He died as the result of an auto accident.  Diane is a schoolteacher. Diane has two children by a previous marriage, Gregory and Alysa. Mike and Diane have one child, Kristy.





GREGORY SHAWN SCHMIDT born 12-20-1965 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, married 08-24-1991 to


Gregory is the stepson of Michael and son of Diane Frederick. Gregory’s father is Gregory von Schmidt. Gregory and Elizabeth have one child, Skylar.


SKYLAR AUSTIN SCHMIDT born 04-09-1995 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.


ALYSA BRIANA SCHMIDT born 08-30-1969 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, Married 12-24-1991  to


Alysa is the stepdaughter of Mike and daughter of Diane Frederick. Alysa’s father is Gregory von Schmidt. Alysa and Bill have one child, Mackenzie.


MACKENZIE BRIAN SHARP born 01-20-1995 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana.


KRISTY MARIE FREDERICK born 04-29-1975 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana.

Kristy is the first child of Michael and Diana Pesch.  She is not married.


PEGGY LOU PESCH born 02-12-1929 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, married (1) 07-01-1945, divorced 1949  (2) 03-18-1950 Elwood, Madison, Indiana  to


PORTER LEON WILLOUGHBY born 08-12-1924 Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky, died 01-23-1996, Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky, buried Liberty cemetery, Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky.

Peggy is the fourth child of Fred and Eva Pesch. Peggy was I factory worker. William “Bill” served in the US Army. Leon did factory work and farmed. Leon served in the US Army in WW II. He died of cancer. After Leon’s death Peggy sold the farm in Kentucky and moved back to Indiana. Peggy and Bill have one child, William Albert Jacobs, Jr. She and Leon have five children, Lewelldon, Allan, Denis, Marla and Ottis.





WILLIAM ALBERT JACOBS, Jr. born 08-09-1947 Elwood, Madison, Indiana, married 07-16-1967 Alexander, Madison, Indiana  to

LYNN ELLEN SMITH born 01-27-1949 Marion, Grant, Indiana,  Father:  Riley Smith,  Mother:  Kathrine Pattison.

William “Bill” is the first child of Peggy and William Jacobs. The stepchild of Porter Willoughby. He is a machinist and Lynn does office work. Bill served in the US Army. Bill lost a leg to infection but it did not slow him down. He still does what he wants to, from swimming to golf. Bill and Lynn have two children, Tony and Allan.


TONY LEE JACOBS born 12-18-1968 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, married (1) 1990 Alexander, Madison, Indiana, divorced 1999  (2)  1999   to



Tony is the first child if Bill and Lynn Jacobs. He is a tool and die maker. Melinda is a vetinary assistant. Tony and Melinda have one child, Nicholous. Tony has five stepchildren from his second marriage to Tonya, Jason, Jeffery, Justin, Jonathan and Gabrial.


NICHOLOUS ALEXANDER JACOBS born 07-29-1991 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.

Nicholous is the child of Tony and Melinda Jacobs.

The next four children are Tony’s stepchildren of his second marriage. The last child Gabrial, Tony says is his and Tonya's child.

JASON SHERRILL born 12-06-1982

JEFFERY SHERRILL born 01-03-1984

JUSTIN SHERRILL born 08-11-1987


GABRIAL HENDRICKS born 08-20-1998  


ALLAN CRAIG JACOBS born 01-15-1972 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, married 06-17-1995 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana  to

KATHERINE JEAN BARNETT born 05-07-1973 Fort Riley, Riley, Kansas,  Father: Dennis C. Barnett,  Mother:  Betty Jean Courter.

Allan is the second child of Bill and Lynn Jacobs. Allan and Katherine are both trained in music, voice and instrument. Allan is a music teacher in several schools in the South Bend, Indiana School district. They have three children, Aaron, Austin, and Kelsi.



Al, Kitty, Aaron, Austin, Kelsi

AARON CHRISTOPHER JACOBS born 02-26-1999, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.

AUSTIN CLAY JACOBS, born 08-06-2001, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.

KELSI JO JACOBS, born 04-05-2007, Evansville, Vanderburg, Indiana.

Kelsi at 6 months


LEWELLDON GENE WILLOUGHBY born 09-06-1949 Elwood, Madison, Indiana, died 05-28-1956 Elwood, Madison, Indiana, buried Liberty Cemetery, Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky.

ALLAN LANE WILLOUGHBY born 07-29-1952 Alexander, Madison, Indiana, died 05-30-1956 Alexander, Madison, Indiana, buried Liberty Cemetery, Scottsville, Allan, Kentucky.

Lewelldon is the first and Allan is the third child of Peggy and Leon Willoughby. They lost their lives in a house fire in Elwood, Indiana. Lewelldon died at the scene of the fire and Allan in the hospital two days later.


DENNIS RAY WILLOUGHBY born 07-17-1950 Alexander, Madison, Indiana, married and divorced  to


Dennis is the second child of Peggy and Leon Willoughby. Dennis served in the US Marines. He is an awning maker and lives in California. They have no children.


MARLA KAY WILLOUGHBY born 11-22-1956 Alexander, Madison, Indiana, died 11-23-1959 buried Liberty Cemetery, Scottsville, Allan, Kentucky.


OTTIS FRED WILLOUGHBY born 06-22-1957 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, married 07-21-1978 Hartsville, Trousdale, Tennessee, divorced 1981   to

LAVONNA JEAN LAW born 06-27-1957,  Father: Arnold Law,  Mother:  Francis Keen.

Ottis “Ottie” is the fifth child of Peggy and Leon Willoughby. Ottie is a factory worker and Lavonna is a schoolteacher. They have no children.


LESTER RAY PESCH born 06-09-1930 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana died 06-04-2002 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana,  married 03-24-1956 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, divorced 09-27-1989  to

LOIS RUTH MOHLER born 09-27-1932 Earlham, Madison, Iowa, died 02-18-2002, Vincennes, Knox, Indiana, buried 02-21-2002, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana.  Father:  Martin Mohler, Mother:  Myrtle C. Strain.

Lester is the fifth child of Fred and Eva Pesch. He retired from the US Army after serving 20 years. He worked as a gravel pit operator for Sullivan County until his second retirement in 1993. Lester was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997 and Lois with the same in 2000. Lester and Lois have five children, Duane, Daniel, Diana, Donald and Debra.


DUANE LEE MOHLER-PESCH born 09-02-1952 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, married 09-09-1972 Farmersburg, Sullivan, Indiana   to

CHERYLE ANN HOSTETTER born 09-11-1953 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana,  Father:

Darwin Hostettter,  Mother: Opal Quick.

Duane is the adopted son of Lester and the son of Lois Pesch. Duane served in eh US Army and Army Reserves. Employed at a military munitions plant in Indiana. He and Cheryle have two children, Tammy and Martin.


TAMMY LYNN PESCH born 06-09-1975 Hawaii, married 05-07-1996  to

JOSE E. RAMOS born 02-07-1976

Tammy is the first child of Duane and Cheryle Pesch. She served in the US Navy. It was while serving in the Navy that she met and married Jose, They have two children, twins, Lynda and Joseph.


LYNDA LEA RAMOS born 05-16-1998.

JOSEPH LEE RAMOS born 05-16-1998.


MARTIN THOMAS PESCH born 07-13-1978 Fort Ord, Monterey, California

Martin is the second child of Duane and Cheryle Pesch. He is not married and has one child, Thomas.


THOMAS ANTHONY PESCH born 06-12-1998 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana.

Thomas is the first child of Martin Pesch. His birth mother is Kyria Chubb of Carlisle, Indiana.


DANIEL LESTER PESCH born 02-14-1957 Fort Carson, El Paso, Colorado, died 01-21-2001 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana.

Daniel “ Danny” is the second child of Lester and Lois Pesch. He is a carpenter and construction worker. Danny is not married.


DIANA LOIS PESCH born 01-24-1961 Fort Eustis, James City, Virginia, married (1) 01-28-1984 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana, divorced 03-1985  (2) 00-00-1993 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana  to


BRUCE ERIC THOMPSON born 02-18-1959 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana,  Father: Charles T. Thompson,  Mother: Carol Myles.

Diana is the third child of Lester and Lois Pesch. Dianna is an office worker and Bruce is a mechanic. Diana has one child, Jeremy. Jeremy’s father is Christopher Markley of California. Diane and Jeffery have one child, Kyle. Diana and Bruce have no children, but Bruce has 2 children from a previous marriage. They are Diane’s stepchildren but I have no record of their names.


JEREMY JOSEPH PESCH born 05-13-1982 Linton, Greene, Indiana, father is Christopher Markley, of California. Married 04-05-2007 to


Jeremy is the first child of Dianna Pesch and Christopher Markley of California.  Jeremy and Jodi have one child, Brevin.

BREVIN WESLEY PESCH born 12-21-2005

TRENTON RAY PESCH born 01-23-2007


KYLE RAY HALL born 03-16-1985 Sullivan, Sullivan, Indiana.


DONALD LEWIS PESCH born 06-19-1964 US Army Hospital, Bremerhaven, West Germany, married 09-09-1984 Oaktown, Knox, Indiana  to

PAULA JO STEPHENS born 06-30-1966 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana.

Donald is the fourth child of Lester and Lois Pesch. Donald is a carpenter. He and Paula divorced at one time but remarried each other. They have two children, David and Nathan.


DAVID COURTNEY PESCH born 04-21-1988 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana.

NATHAN HENRY PESCH born 06-25-1993 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana.


DEBORAH LAURA PESCH born 01-25-1966 US Army Hospital, Bremerhaven, West Germany, married               to

TIMOTHY LEON REED born 02-22-1964,  Father: Lloyd Bartlett Reed,  Mother:  Phyllis Kay Hunt.

Deborah is the fifth child of Lester and Lois Pesch. She is an office worker and Timothy is a welder. They have three children, Kaitlin, Allison and Claire.       .


KAITLIN TEAL REED born 12-16-1993 Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming.

ALLISON REED born 08-20-1997 Sheridan, Sheridan, Wyoming

CLAIRE REED born 09-06-1999 Sheridan, Sheridan, Wyoming


ROBERT EUGENE PESCH born 03-01-1933 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, married 04-04-1957 Fursten-Feldbruk, West Germany  to

ROSA FURBACHER born 11-10-1934 Gilching, Germany.

Robert is the sixth child of Fred and Eva Pesch.Robert served 20 years in the US Air Force before retiring. He then took up farming for several years in Indiana and Kentucky before moving to Arizona. Robert has had several nicknames during childhood and as an adult, to mention some are Wimpy, Tinker, Lefty and Bob. Robert and Rosa have four children, Robert, Roy, Michael and Bruce.





ROBERT EUGENE OTTO-PESCH born 12-23-1953 Munich, West Germany, married 08-02-1985 Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee   to

JEANNA FELDER WALLER born 08-26-1962 Dickson, Dickson, Tennessee.

Robert “Butch” is an adopted child of Robert and a child of Rosa Pesch. He served in the US Army. Butch works at construction.  Butch and Jeanna have two children, Justin and Anthony.


JUSTIN WALLER born 03-11-1982 Dickson, Dickson, Tennessee.

Justin is a stepchild of Robert and the child of Jeanna Pesch.


ANTHONY MICHAEL PESCH born 08-14-1987 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.


ROY EDWARD PESCH born 11-10-1958 US Army Hospital, Munich, West Germany, married 09-01-1984 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana  to

ELEANOR JANE ADAMS born 03-10-1959 Monroe City, Knox, Indiana,  Father: Rubert Wilmus Adams,  Mother: Bessie Louise Myers.

Roy is the second child of Robert and Rosa Pesch.  He is an electrician. Roy and Eleanor have two children, Garrett and Gena.


GARRETT ADAM PESCH born 05-01-1986 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana.

GENA RAE MYERS PESCH born 01-18-1994 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana.


MICHAEL FRED PESCH born 05-01-1960 Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota, married 09-15-1984 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada   to

Le Min Thi Than Cooney born 04-20-1954 Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Michael is the third child of Robert and Rosa Pesch. Michael is a graduate of the Rose Poly Technical College, Terre Haute, Indiana with a degree in Chemical Engineering and employed by an oil company. Le is also a chemical engineer. Michael and Le have two children, Christopher and Eric.


CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL PESCH born 03-29-1989 Ventura, Ventura, California.

ERIC ROBERT PESCH born 01-14-1991 Corpus Christy, Nueces, Texas.


BRUCE DEAN PESCH born 01-16-1964 US Military Hospital, Motch, West Germany, died 08-11-2004 Corpus Christy, Nueces, Texas, burial by cremation.

Bruce is the fourth child of Robert and Rosa Pesch. Bruce is a graduate of Rose Poly Technical College, Terre Haute, Indiana. An oil company employs him. His company assigned him to Saudi Arabia in 1996, Bruce is not married.


HAROLD LANE PESCH born 05-22-1937 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana,  married  (1) 10-06-1956 Fontana, San Bernardino, California,  divorced 1963  (2) 09-03-1965 Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma   to

MARION CRLJENCIA born Fontana, San Bernardino, California

SHIRLIE ANN HOYLE born 03-23-1942 Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.

Harold “Laney” is the seventh child of Fred and Eva Pesch, He served twenty years in the US Air Force before retiring. He has worked in several county and city works since he retired. Shirlie works as a school secretary. Laney and Marion have three children, Ronald, John and Paul. He and Shirlie are of the Baptist faith and have three children, David, Timothy and Joe.





RONALD GENE PESCH born 08-12-1958 Fontana, Los Angeles, California, married (1) 07-02-1985, divorced (2) 04-20-2007  to

DEBBIE (PESCH) born 01-23-1952 California.

SUZANNE THOMPSON born 02-06-1965, died 11-06-2008 California.

Ronald (Ronnie) is the first child of Harold and Marion. He and Debbie have one child, Nichalus. Ronald is a Child Support Officer and a volunteer member of the San Bernardino County Search & Rescue Team.


NICHALUS PESCH born 07-30-1987 California.


JOHN NICK PESCH born 04-06-1960 Norton AFB, San Bernardino, California, married 02-17-1984 Hesperia, San Bernardino, California  to

JEANINE PATRICIA CARTER born 01-09-1958 Guam,  Father:  John Carter  Mother: Shirley (Carter).

John (Johnny) is the second child of Harold and Marion Pesch. Johnny works in computers. He and Jeanine have two children, Jessica and Kattie.


JESSICA NICOLE PESCH born 07-07-1983 Montclair, Los Angeles, California.

KATTIE LOUISE PESCH born 01-22-1988 Fontana San Bernardino, California.


PAUL JOSEPH PESCH born 11-19-1962 Norton AFB, San Bernardino, California, died 09-15-2002 California,  married,  divorced   to

BERNIE  (PESCH) born California.

Paul is the third child of Harold and Marion Pesch. After the divorce Bernie remarried to an Air Force man and now lives in the Dallas Texas area with the two children. Paul and Bernie have two children, Ashley and Brittany.


ASHLEY MARIE PESCH born 12-20-1984 California, married 08-18-2007 Lytle Creek, San Bernardino, California, to


Ashley is the first child of Paul and Bernie Pesch.  Ashley and Josh have two children, Jocelynn and Joshua.

Jocelynn Marian Keel born 12-09-2009 Victorville, CA.

Joshua Michael Keele II born 09-04-2011 New Braunfels, TX.


BRITTANY CHRISTINE PESCH born 01-23-1989 California.


DAVID EARL HOYLE-PESCH born 07-10-1964 Altus,, Jackson, Oklahoma, married , divorced 1998  to


David is the adopted child of Harold and the first child of Shirlie Pesch. Laney adopted David in 1965. He works at construction. David and Michele have two children, Christopher and Brent.


CHRISTOPHER SCOTT PESCH born 04-16-1987 Oklahoma.

BRENT THOMAS PESCH born 12-15-1992 Oklahoma.


TIMOTHY WADE PESCH born 01-11-1969 Merced, Merced, California

Timothy “Timmy” is the second child of Harold and Shirlie Pesch. He is of the Baptist faith and not married.


JOE DALE PESCH born 12-20-1971 Castle AFB, Atwater, California, married 11-04-1994 Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma  to

LORI ANN COUCH born 10-07-1971 New Braunsfels, Comal, Texas,  Father:  Royce Couch,  Mother:  Mary Russell.

Joe “Joey” is the third child of Harold and Shirlie Pesch. Joey is a graduate of Oklahoma University with a degree in radiology. He and Lori are of the Baptist faith and have two children, Lani and Colby.


LANI JO PESCH born 11-16-1996 Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma.

COLBY LEE PESCH born 08-21-1999 Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma.